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What is stage fright?

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Stage fright is a fear that oocurs when an individual is facing an audience. It is like a phobia that makes the sufferer to be afraid of the audience. Most of people especially the young ones are having hardtime with it.

            There are symptoms that can determine weather an individual have Stage fright. These sypmtoms include sweating of a certain part of the body, shaking voice, fast heart beat, trembling knees, mannerism, and etc.

            These people felt this way because of certain reasons. It can be because of nervousness and frustration they feel. Their confidence also can affect their performance. It is highly expected that they are suffering from stage fright if their self-confidence is low.

            This phobia can lead them into unbecoming situation. It is because they are being kept from showing their talent and capable of doing. There are cases like this that can happen anywhere. For example, if a student is not participating in his or her class activities, he or she can recieve low or failing grades because  they failed to show their talents and capable of doing.

            But Stage fright is a curable phobia. By practicing to socialize with other little by little can help them. Increasing their confidence can also help them. For as long as they believe in themselves, they can reduce their Stage fright or even overcome it.
answered Feb 23, 2017 by Alexander Castro
selected Feb 23, 2017 by drcarlo
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Stage fright is another term for performance anxiety, where you have an extreme fear of performing in front of an audience, as you are afraid of embarrassing yourself or being scrutinized. The following video explains how stage fright develops, and what you can do to treat it:

answered Feb 9, 2016 by drcarlo (295,840 points)