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How to get help for panic disorder?

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You can get help for panic disorder by engaging in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). CBT helps you to identify triggers, identify automatic negative thoughts, and inventory avoidant behaviors. Identifying these items are most of the solution, as once you identify, you can address them by anticipating, thinking more adaptive thoughts, and not engaging in avoidant behaviors.

You can also get help for panic disorder by going to your doctor and considering prescription medication for anxiety.

If you prefer self-help and natural approaches for panic disorder, then you can consider getting Anxiety Protocol, a self-help book on anxiety written by a psychiatrist. Also, you can consider taking KalmPro for panic disorder, a natural anxiety supplement formulated by a psychiatrist.

The following video explains how panic disorder develops, and how you can get help for it:

answered Feb 28, 2016 by drcarlo (295,840 points)