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I'm all stressed out and anxious- what can I do to be happy?

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I'm a professional and have a demanding career that takes all my time. On top of that, my ex-wife is battling me in the courts over full-custody of our toddler son. I also have two children from a previous marriage, and have my ongoing difficulties with my first wife. As a single-dad and professsional, I find that all this stress is making me very unhappy, and it is affecting my life and career. Any advice to deal with this stress would be appreciated.
asked Mar 23, 2016 in Stress by Mike

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Hello, and thank you for sharing. It sounds like the magnitude of your stressors is overwhelming your capacity to cope. If you have chronic stressors and are not able to reduce the effects of them, then you are at risk for developing anxiety and/or depression.

So you have a full plate due to your stressors. But the problem with having a full plate, or a full load, is that any minor stressors that come along will tip you over the edge, so that you may lose it at work, or get really mad and angry with a loved-one at home. When your plate is full, then you have no reserve to take on further stressors, no matter how small. So if your stress level is always at a 9 out of 10, then even a stressor that is mild will make your body think the stressor is a 10.

But the goal is not to eradicate all of your stress, as you need a moderate level of stress and anxiety to perform optimally. So if you have a panic attack on one end, or if you are comatose on the other end, then the outcome is the same...you have poor performance. So you still need a moderate level of stress to perform well.

But it's important to deal with your stressors as they occur. You might try exercising, or meditation. You may even try a natural supplement for anxiety, such as KalmPro. To start your path towards being happy, may I suggest you take the anxiety test here. This will get you started on the road back to happiness.


Dr. Carlo

answered Mar 25, 2016 by drcarlo (295,840 points)