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Can KalmPro be taken with Zoloft?

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My wife takes Zoloft and still has anxiety symptoms. Can KalmPro be taken with Zoloft?
asked Apr 11, 2016 in Supplements by D.

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You can take KalmPro with other medications such as Zoloft, but KalmPro was formulated to be taken alone. But the benefits of taking a natural supplement such as KalmPro is negated when it is combined with prescription medications, which are synthetic, foreign compounds with multiple side effects. However, I did hear from customers that they were able to decrease their dose of antidepressant when combining it with KalmPro, with the resultant reduction of side effects with the lower dose of the antidepressant (made possible by combining it with KalmPro, which has almost no side effects and is effective for anxiety).

Before considering KalmPro, your wife should talk with her doctor to see if adding KalmPro is advisable, or switching from Zoloft to KalmPro. The following link provides information on how to switch to KalmPro: https://anxietyboss.com/anxiety-treatments/kalmpro/

The following video provides more detailed information on KalmPro and how it works for anxiety:

answered Apr 11, 2016 by drcarlo (294,430 points)