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Can itching be caused by my psychological factors?

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This year has been a turbulent one for me, long story short. I've tried confronting my family about my stress with them, school etc to little avail. I have gone to a psychologist mind you and I think they are worthless in my opinion of them but they are taught a lot of nonsense for a reason. I canceled the psychologist meetings however because it brought me little success and I believe I am smart enough to know who I am instead of being psychoanalyzed like an animal by an indifferent person. Excuse my diction as well if your opinion of me has fallen this is how I talk. I have been experiencing a itch shortly after my "intervention" that would hit my upper body and sometimes lower body mostly my upper body. The skin shows no visible signs, no red color or rash. I thought it could be my clothing, heat etc. I found that it could be "Heat Hives" a naturally occurring itch for no reason what so ever. Since this year I have never come closer to confronting my problems so I believe this itch could be caused my psychological condition. Whenever my body gets hot unnaturally, say I'm near a heater for a period of time I will begin scratching. Sports I see this come out as well, however I have gone exercising for an extended period of time with no itching so this doesn't hold much weight. I believe sweat counteracts the scratching for the sports. I could go out and the itch occurs randomly but I see that the most clear cause is whenever my family is angry with me or wants me for a moment my body breaks out in a itching fest. It commonly occurs with the members that I possess a neutral - bad relationship with. At the moment I have no stress what so ever because I'm too stupid to realize it. But I believe my body knows better and is causing this condition despite my happy attitude, telling me to possibly finish what I started or it hates me. Another factor may be that I never speak my mind at home due to a language barrier and I never assert myself. I never state that I dislike this or that because I'm neutral or like almost everything. I have experience this causing an itch whenever something I dislike comes up I start itching. Unless I move to Canada where I can keep my skin cooled, I would like to hear what you can say about this.
asked May 22, 2016 in Stress by O.

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Yes, itching can be caused by psychological factors. So when you are stressed, it can induce what is called adrenergic pruritis. This is basically stress itching. And the itching can be reproduced by an injection of adrenaline, which is the stress hormone that is released into your bloodstream when you are stressed and anxious.

Thus, if you have stress itching, then the solution is to reduce your stress and anxiety. You can begin to determine your stress levels by taking the anxiety test, which will also show you how to begin to reduce your stress levels.

answered May 24, 2016 by drcarlo (295,840 points)