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I have physical symptoms of anxiety, but no anxious thoughts- is this possible?

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I have been getting all these anxiety like symptoms such as not so fast but thumping heart beat most of the time, tingling and numbness on my arms and legs, chest tightness, nauseas, dizzy, lightheaded, internal vibrations etc. I have done various test which includes EKG, echo, holter, blood and thyroid test; of which the results are normal.
Do you think this is related to anxiety because I do not really have particular thing that I anxious about? If there is, it will probably be the symptoms that I am now having. I am particularly feeling very uncomfortable with hammering heart beat and affects my daily activities and when I am at rest.
Also, do you think anti-depressant medication would work for my case in minimising or removing all these symptoms? I have had these symptoms for 5 months now and for the last two months it has been getting worse.
asked Jun 3, 2016 in General by Y.

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You could be experiencing panic attacks. You seem to be focused on your heartbeat, which can be anxiety-provoking, as you are constant worried about it. So it could be that your trigger is the physical symptoms (ie pounding heartbeat) that you have, and this can in turn induce anxiety about that trigger. May I suggest you take the anxiety test. This will help you get started, and depending on your severity of anxiety and stress, this will guide you to reduce your distressing symptoms. If you have panic disorder, then antidepressant medications are an option. I can't diagnose over the internet, so please try to get a referral to a psychiatrist for a full evaluation. An increasingly popular and viable alternative to prescription medications for anxiety is natural anxiety supplements, such as KalmPro.

answered Jun 3, 2016 by drcarlo (295,840 points)