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Switched from Effexor to KalmPro successfully!

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Hello Dr. Carlo. I just wanted to let you know that I have been able to get off Effexor completely, and now only on KalmPro for anxiety. I had been on Effexor for several years, but I decided to try to discontinue it. When I first tried to come off of Effexor, I had severe withdrawal symptoms, including "brain zaps" and agitation. So the next time I tried coming off of Effexor, I decided to give KalmPro a try, to see if it would help with the transition. And amazingly, it did! Although I still had withdrawal side effects to the taper of Effexor, I believe the KalmPro has helped me to be calm and is a natural alternative to prescription medications. Thanks again Dr. Carlo, and thanks for making KalmPro!
asked Jul 5, 2016 in Supplements by A.

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I'm glad the KalmPro has helped you to come off of your prescription medication. I hope your testimonial will help others who are contemplating switching from their prescription medications to KalmPro.
answered Jul 5, 2016 by drcarlo (295,840 points)