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I feel anxious when taking photos, talking to girls, and speaking English- please help

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I'm a 27 years old man from Sri Lanka. I was diagnosed with social phobia when I was around 23 years. And doctors gave me Prodep 20 mg and some CBT therapy for few months. after those treatments i feel better. Now i can do many things i couldn't before. Like talking with girls, Eating in public places, going to parties and wedding and dance and so on. But the thing is still i have below mentioned problems. 1. I feel anxious when taking photos. whether it is a group photo or single one i feel really anxious and my facial muscles are getting tight. (it is like i don't know how control my facial expressions and i will be ugly in the photo) 2. Still i don't have a girlfriend , and so far i don't have any sexual experience with a female. i always worry about this thing. But i dont know why i cant get a girlfriend. 3. For some times i have been addicted to FEMDOM / FETISH porn videos. When i have time (once a week) i watch these things and i cant stop it now even i want to. 4. I feel really anxious when i am talking with another language (Specially English). i really need to have a normal happy life like others. What should i do now ? please help me with this.
asked Mar 24, 2017 in Performance Anxiety by anonymous

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It could be that the Prodep (fluoxetine) is not working as it should, so maybe your doctor may consider increasing it. If that doesn't work, then to consider another SSRI, such as sertraline. You can visit this page of prescription medications for anxiety to get more information: https://anxietyboss.com/anxiety-treatments/prescription-drugs/

answered Mar 24, 2017 by drcarlo (295,840 points)