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How to deal with breakthrough anixiety after being anxiety free for years

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So I've been on meds for years for anxiety/panic attacks. Started off with Lexapro which worked great for 6 years until I had my 3rd baby and my mom passing away shortly after that. Then switched to generic Prozac and have had a great experience being on that for 7 years, until last year. Almost 1 year ago to date at my birthday time I started having panic attacks again. Dr upped my med dose, felt fine within a week. Now again I've been struggling with more anxiety not so much panic for the last 2 weeks. Feeling uneasy throughout the day, jittery at times, on edge. I didnt expect this to still be lingering after 2 weeks. Been trying relaxing techniques, reading, yoga. Is this normal to experience after all these years especially being on meds?
asked Mar 29, 2019 in GAD by Jennifer

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You may be experiencing antidepressant "poop out": https://anxietyboss.com/why-are-my-antidepressants-not-working-anymore/

answered Apr 13, 2019 by drcarlo (295,840 points)