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Medication against anxiety / social phobia

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Hello AB, In short, to give some Insight into what kind of issues I have, a situation where i have to sign a form, be it at the bank or any other situation, my hands begin to shake and thoughts go through my head about what the person who's seeing me sign is thinking at that point only making it much much worse. Walking somewhere or being somewhere with people makes me uncomfortable, feeling of not belonging, being judged, feeling less then others, generally I'm someone who seeks peace and quiet. Trouble sleeping because I'm not looking forward to the next day, having to interact with people again, having to go outside. My question is, what medication would be best for my situation? I suffer from anxiety and social phobia, what would be first choice medicine, and what would be second choice with the least sexual side effects.
asked Sep 17, 2019 in Medications by Den594 (120 points)

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