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Can claustrophobia cause panic attacks?

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When I get into small, closed spaces like tunnels and small basements, I get panic attacks. Can this be from claustrophobia?
asked Sep 7, 2015 in Panic Attacks / Disorder by Cassandra

1 Answer

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Yes, claustrophobia can can panic attacks. But by definition, when you get these attacks that are triggered by being in small, closed spaces, these are really anxiety attacks. Panic attacks are spontaneous and occur randomly- they don't need a trigger, whereas anxiety attacks have triggers, like with you and small spaces. 

Anxiety attacks can have the following symptoms: racing heartbeat, pounding chest, increased breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, and lump in the throat. For more information on the differences between anxiety attacks and panic attacks, click here.

answered Sep 10, 2015 by drcarlo (295,840 points)
selected Sep 12, 2015 by drcarlo