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What does a therapy session for anxiety look like?

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A therapy session for anxiety is a situation where you can meet with a therapist and discuss your anxiety symptoms without fear of being criticized or judged. At the first therapy session, the therapist usually gathers history and data from you, so a lot of questions will be asked at the first session. The second session usually involves more questions and data-gathering, and this time, the therapist asks about your goals for therapy, and what you want out of therapy. In the ensuing sessions, the therapist may be able to discuss their assessment of you, and what course of therapy needs to be followed. The therapist may even refer you to a psychiatrist for a psychiatric assessment, if the therapist feels there is an anxiety disorder.

If you don't have an anxiety disorder that needs psychiatric treatment, then the therapist will go over their insights into what is causing your anxiety, and how they think these causes can be addressed. In addition to finding the cause of your anxiety, the therapist will also help you find ways to relax to reduce your overall anxiety levels.

The therapist may institute a specific form of therapy which is effective for anxiety, known as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). With CBT, the therapist will address your irrational thoughts which leads to anxiety, and address your avoidant behaviors which serve to maintain the anxiety.
answered Nov 1, 2015 by drcarlo (294,430 points)