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Will meditation take away my ability to worry and solve difficult problems?

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I am stressed, and I have been considering taking up meditation or yoga to calm myself. However, I need my ability to think about difficult things repeatedly, as it helps me solve problems. I worry that meditation will take away my ability to worry and solve hard problems.
asked Oct 17, 2015 in Alternative Treatments by G

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If you are indeed stressed, then meditation will most likely help you to calm down the anxiety associated with your worries. In fact, if you have so much worry about a problem to the point where you have anxious feelings, then it will trigger the fight or flight response, which results in the release of adrenaline and the resultant physical symptoms of anxiety. So anxiety can result from too much worry, and the anxiety can induce a stress response in your body.

If you worry so much that you have anxiety and stress, then your ability to solve problems will be significantly curtailed. When you have anxiety, you are not as effective in solving problems. So if you have anxiety and you start to meditate, then you may notice you have less anxiety and less physical symptoms of anxiety, such as less muscle tension, less racing heartbeat, less shortness of breath, less headaches, less butterflies in the stomach, and so forth. So when you meditate and you are more relaxed, then you will be more effective at solving your problems, as your worrying will be more constructive, without the barrier of anxiety and stress.
answered Nov 7, 2015 by drcarlo (295,840 points)