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Do you have any tips for anxiety-free living?

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I am looking for ways to live to be more happy and less anxious.
asked Aug 11, 2015 in Lifestyle by anonymous

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For anxiety-free living, try living one day at a time, have gratitude, and count your blessings. Don't look back, as it will only make you depressed. Don't look forward, as it will make you anxious. Just live for today- for this moment. No need to worry about the future, as there are so many things that are outside our control.

Another way to live free from anxiety is to just let go. Let go of all your worries. The only way to let go of your worries is to have less to worry about. If your life is full of stuff and material things, then you have things to worry about. If your life is full of secrets and gossip, then you have alot to worry about. If you cheat and do things unethically, then you definitely have things to worry about. So simplify your life and have less materials things to worry about. Don't talk bad of others and don't gossip- only speak kindly of people and you will have less to worry about. Have integrity and dignity, and you will have less to worry about.

Other tips for anxiety-free living include exercise, good diet, good company, and positive thinking. For more information and help on anxiety-free living, please visit AnxietyBoss.com.

answered Aug 11, 2015 by drcarlo (294,430 points)
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