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Can CBT cure panic disorder?

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I have panic disorder, and wondering if CBT is a cure? I get panic attacks every day, and now I am not able to leave my house. I had to quit my job, my friends think I don't like them as I don't visit.
asked Aug 12, 2015 in CBT by anonymous

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CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, can help to decrease your panic attacks, and eventually help to get you functioning again. CBT can treat your panic disorder, as it addresses your faulty solutions that contribute to your panic attacks. CBT doesn't really care what the cause of your panic attacks are- rather, it is focused on the here and now and is only concerned with the irrational thoughts and maladaptive behaviors you have developed as solutions to the problem, but is actually making the anxiety worse.

CBT then does not care about the cause of your anxiety- it is only concerned about the faulty solutions you used, and how to change them. In this way, CBT is not a real 'cure,' as it does not get to the cause of your anxiety. But finding the cause of your panic attacks takes time, can be expensive, and you may never really arrive at the cause due to the psyche not being available completely for analyzing.

Finding the cause, and hence the cure of your panic attacks can be found in insight-oriented depth psychotherapy, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy. But as I said, this can take a long time, is expensive, and you are not guaranteed the the cause will be found, as psychodynamic psychotherapy dwelves into your subconscious, making it conscious for analysis, which is a very difficult process.

That's why CBT is first line treatment for panic disorder, as it skips all the psychological mumbo jumbo that causes the panic attacks, and just cuts to the quick, addressing what is present now, and addresses your faulty thinking and maladaptive behaviors now, which triggers and maintains the anxiety. You can eradicate your anxiety in just a few months of CBT treatment, while psychodynamic psychotherapy can take years.

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answered Aug 13, 2015 by drcarlo (295,840 points)
selected Sep 15, 2015 by drcarlo