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What are some medical conditions that can cause panic disorder?

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There are several medical conditions which can mimic panic disorder and manifest as panic attacks. The most concerning medical conditions that can mimic a panic attack are heart attacks (acute myocardial infarction- MI) and asthma attacks. If you are concerned that you may be having a heart attack or asthma attack, then it is important to get an urgent medical assessment, as you can have serious consequences if you don't seek assessment urgently (you can die from both if untreated). Heart attacks can look like panic attacks with the chest pain and sweating, and asthma attacks can look like panic attacks with the shortness of breath.

Other medical conditions that can mimic panic attacks include hyperthyroidism, where you produce too much thyroid hormone and you experience palpitations and sweating. Another medical condition mimicking panic attacks is pheochromocytoma, where you produce too much adrenaline and you have high blood pressure, palpitations, and headache.

Abusing drugs that are CNS (central nervous system) stimulants like cocaine can cause panic attacks. Drinking too much caffeine can also mimic a panic attack. Please visit AnxietyBoss.com for more information and help on panic attacks and panic disorder.

answered Aug 17, 2015 by drcarlo (295,840 points)
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