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Citalopram poop out, now nothing is working. Please help!

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Hi, after suffering a complete breakdown many years ago after stopping smoking cannabis, i knew my life had changed. To be brief as possible, i was placed on citalopram and eventually returned to normal. Came off, and relapsed quickly. After trying every herbal, natural, cbt etc nothing helped. After 2 other tries at anti depressants which didnt help (dosulapin, flouxtine) i was put on citalopram. It was a miracle, absolutely changed my life. After 6 years it pooped out. Went on venlafaxine and only had one or two spells whete i improved, then nothing, was then put back on citalopram! A miracle again but only for 5 weeks then crashed harder than ever! Then swopped to sertraline and it didnt really help and couldnt get past 100mg. Then came off and was trying 5htp and vitamins etc, i lasted probably 3 weeks. Now im on 45mg mirtazapine and its not helping and feel completly stuck! Have you got any suggestions that could help me? Im still young 36yr old. I live in the UK and my GP doctor doesnt know what else. Could lexapro work because ive had amazing results from citalopram? This is possibly the next move to try. What is the best option or what do you do when a drug poops out? Have you seen or helped anybody in a similar position? Should i keep trying different drugs ie/ paxil, lexapro trycyclic AD,'s. Could you please help or answer any questions above? I used to think it was just anxiety GAD, but pretty sure its depression mainly now. Any help would be so much apprieated, im living in hell at the minute.
asked May 22, 2018 in Depression by Nick

2 Answers

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You need a psychiatrist. Have your GP refer you to a psychiatrist, given the complexity of your case.
answered May 24, 2018 by drcarlo (295,840 points)
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answered Jan 18, 2019 by Jane