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Can you give an overview of anxiety disorder treatments?

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asked Sep 10, 2015 in General by anonymous

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Anxiety disorder treatment options are wide-ranging, and are roughly classified into traditional treatments and non-traditional (alternative) treatments. With regards to traditional treatments, CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is first line treatment for anxiety disorder. CBT has the most studies showing effectiveness for anxiety compared with the rest of the talk therapies (also known as psychotherapy). CBT addresses how your thoughts and behaviors are linked to anxiety, and how to change them to make you less anxious. Another form of psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, has the next best evidence for effectiveness in anxiety disorders. Psychodynamic psychotherapy looks at how your unconscious and inner drives are contributing to your anxiety, and connects how previous trauma and unmet expectations relate to your current anxiety symptoms.

If psychotherapy is not effective, or if your anxiety symptoms are too severe, then prescription medication treatment can be an option for treatment of anxiety disorders. The problem with medication treatment is that it is associated with multiple treatment-emergent side effects, and can be expensive.

If you are more likely to consider non-traditional (alternative) forms of treatment, then there are some options available to treat anxiety. If you want to consider self-help treatment for anxiety, then the self-help book on anxiety, Anxiety Protocol, can help you to eradicate anxiety on your own, by following the steps in this book that are based on CBT principles:

Another alternative treatment are natural supplements for anxiety. KalmPro has been formulated to be effective for anxiety, based on the available evidence from research studies:

Other alternative treatments include relaxation techniques, aerobic exercise, acupuncture, and massage, which are meant as adjunctive treatment to other treatments, such as CBT or self-help treatments. These treatments can reduce anxiety, but are not meant to be used as primary treatment for anxiety.

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answered Sep 13, 2015 by drcarlo (294,430 points)