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What is the purpose of worrying and ruminating over something?

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I constantly worry about different things, but they are about real problems, like finances, how to deal with my jerk of a boss, how to fit in things on my busy schedule, and other problems. I ruminate about different problems constantly. I am being treated for GAD, but there must be some other reason why I worry so much?
asked Sep 20, 2015 in GAD by anonymous

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There is an adaptive function of worrying and rumination. It is our way of solving problems, and helps us to prioritize the problem by constantly having us worry about it and ruminating about it. If we don't worry about the problem, then it is not on our radar. Without worry, we don't spend time and energy on the problem, and ignoring and avoiding the problem only makes it worse. Certainly, there are some problems we can't do anything about, but coming to that conclusion can only occur when we worry and ruminate about it, so that we make absolutely sure there is nothing we can do further to solve the problem. However, there are other problems that we can solve, but it requires worry and rumination to go through the process of looking at the problem in different ways, and seeing if there is a possible solution.

So those problems you mention are normal things to worry about, and it helps you to solve the problem, if there is indeed a solution under your control. Worrying becomes a problem when it no longer helps you solve problems...it becomes a problem when worrying becomes the problem with no adaptive purpose.
answered Sep 20, 2015 by drcarlo (295,840 points)